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The Many Applications of Chatbots

Conversational interfaces, a.k.a. chatbots, are poised to change the way we interact with computer systems. For companies chatbots have many potential applications, including:

Customer Service - Chatbots can act as "assistants" to your customer service reps, or they can interact directly with your users. In either case a chatbot can greatly increase the number of calls your service team can handle.

Sales & Marketing - Chatbots can pre-qualify prospects. They can also process orders if you integrate them with your ecommerce platform. Chatbots can also support promotional campaigns and improve branding. Marketing is a natural place to add a persona or personality to your chatbot that can represent and enhance your brand.

Human Resources – Simply loading your HR FAQ into a chatbot will significantly decrease the number of calls that HR needs to field. If you integrate your chatbot with your enterprise software, then your chatbot can handle an even wider range of questions. Questions like “How many vacation days do I have left this year?”, “What is my dental deductible?”, “Can I submit my night course tuition for reimbursement?”. Anyone who’s worked in HR will tell you that these types of inquiries can take up a lot of time.

These are just a few of the many potential applications of chatbots. Pretty much any time you need to interface your organization with prospects, clients, employees, partners, and all your other stakeholders, you should be looking at using a chatbot.

If you have any questions about chatbots, please let us know.

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